This website for general information only.  Some parts are still under construction, but will be updated when possible, so please feel free to visit again.  For online sales an Ace Glass & Mirrors ecommerce site will be live soon.

To allow time to produce orders and deal with increased demand for deliveris the shop is currently open weekdays / workdays from 9am to 3pm, or by appointment any other time between 6am to 9pm, and weekends etc. (if needed please contact at least 2 work days before visiting to arrange).  This is to allow time for production and increased deemand for deliveries whilst giving the most convenience for visits and collections.  We also advise to contact us with any enquiries you have before visiting, especially if needing a made to measure / order item, as it often takes time to produce.

Need a non-stock made to order item?
Please contact us before visiting to allow production time. Orders can be placed by phone / email for collection when ready:
Call 01202 383250 weekdays 9am - 3pm
(or 07724 339488 when busy)
Or Text 07917 575503
Or Email sales@acemirrors.co.uk or

About Us

We are an independent glass and
mirror merchant specialising in
processed flat glass products for
homes or businesses. With a
mirror shop based in Parkstone,
Poole, Dorset which sells many
different types of glazing/glass and
mirrors including shelves, table-tops,
splash-backs, wall mirrors, plain
mirrors, bevelled mirrors, decorative
mirrors and more from limited stock
or made to order for collection.

Items we supply from our shop include:

* Glass cut to size for Picture Frames - we can supply cost effective 2mm clear or diffused low-reflective for your own frames, and can get 2.5mm UV Protect Conservation glass which protects pictures from fading. We can also arrange fitting into most frames if needed and have standard size photo clip frames etc. in shop.

* Glass cut to size for other frames - including cabinets, furniture, windows, doors and greenhouses etc. with many options to choose from, see our glass page for types we do.

* Processed Wall Mirrors with Smoothed, Polished or  Bevelled Edges - made to size or from stock sizes available in shop.

* Decorative Leaded Design  Mirrors & some limited Framed Mirrors - made to size, set sizes or from stock available in shop.

* Made to size Double-Glazed Glass Units for existing windows and doors, plus Aluminium Internal Secondary Glazing - that is easy to fit glazing inside any window to add better insulation without having to replace the window in your home.

* Made to size Coloured Glass Splash-Backs & Upstands - including standard white, grey, black made to size, or from the RAL and British Standard colour range.

* Decorative Colour Leaded Design Glass - bespoke to limitless designs.

* Sandblasted Design Glass - made to order.

* Sealants & Adhesives for Glass & Mirrors - including professional mirror adhesive.

* Fixings and Accessories for Glass & Mirrors - including sliding mirror wall clips and wall plates.

* Stock Polished, Bevelled & Decorative Mirrors in Shop - see mirror page for sizes.

* Processed Glass Shelves - with some stock in shop or made to order.

* Processed Glass Table-tops - all made to order.

* Glass & Mirror Inspired Gifts - from stock in shop.

* Plus more...

If you have an enquiry please feel free to contact us via phone, text or email.  Please note we supply only glass and mirrors, and do not carry out measuring or fitting/installations at properties.
You can call 01202 383250 when shop is open,
or 07724 339488 when the shop is busy.
Or send a text to 07917 575503
Or email sales@aceglassandmirrors.co.uk
Or sales@acemirrors.co.uk

Sample Pictures of Blue & Green Corner Decorative Leaded Mirrors
News & Updates

Shop Address
89 Alder Road
BH12 2AB
Open Weekdays 9am to 3pm
Or By Appointment 6am to 9pm
& Weekends etc.
(contact us before to arrange)

Email Anytime

Phone Weekdays / Workdays
Tel - 01202 383250
(or call 07724 339488 when busy)
Fax - 01202 383251
Text Mobile - 07917 575503
Note; if calling shop phone it may not be possible to always answer if on another call, handling glass, or dealing with collections etc. If this happens please leave a message with your number so we can call back, or call the alternative number, or send us by email or text mesage instead, thank you.

Current Lead Times

If you're not looking to buy a shop stock item then please remember that it will take time to produce bespoke orders to size.

Due to isolation rules, high demand, constrained stock supply, and shortage of HGV drivers trained to handle glass slight delays to usual lead-times are expected. Current expected approximate lead times are detailed below:

Single standard Float glass and silver mirrors that are as cut (with sharp/rough/chipped edges) for frames can usually be produced within 1 working day subject to size, stock.
If edge-work is required it takes longer to produce; to have sharp edges smoothed usually adds around 3-4 extra work days, or polished edges 5-6 extra working days.

For single Toughened safety glass as cut to size can usually be produced in around 6-8 work days or with polished edges in around 8-10 work days.

Extra processing like decorative bevelled chamfered edges, or colour backed coating for splash-backs, or sand-blasted and colour leaded designs etc. can add a lot more time depending on the specific requirements.

Producing shaped glass is also a longer process compared to rectangles, although straight edge shapes to drawings may only add a couple of days or more, other shaped to templates can add 10 to 15 work days order or more.

Double-Glazed sealed units are currently taking a lot longer due to consistant high demand, with an average of 2 1/2 weeks, although this can change frequently depending on current production line situation.

Only limited glass can be cut whilst waiting if the cutter is present, depending on the circumstance at time of arrival.  For example 1 off small panes for picture frames or mirror frames can sometimes be cut whilst waiting subject to stock. However we strongly advise contact us before visiting.

The above excludes weekends, bank holidays, and is only a general guide. It really depends on the type, size, thickness of glass or mirror required and if any processing work or shaping needs to be done to the actual time it will take. We always work to produce orders as quickly as possible, without affecting standards or safety. If you are looking to have something specific made then please feel free to contact us.
Processed Glass & Mirrors Made to Order
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